In addition to the things below I also enjoy sailing and skiing, playing the piano, going to the theatre, learning dead languages, and using ‘playing cricket’ as an excuse to go to the pub.


’22/09 – NowTechncial Assistant at Dehns
Technical Assistant and trainee patent attorney at Dehns.
’17/10 – ’18/08Analyst at QuantSpark
Working on strategic data analytics projects with a variety of clients in retail and private equity.


’20/02 – NowPublisher at Tamarind Literary Magazine
Publisher of Tamarind, a literary magazine dedicated to showcasing stories and creative non-fiction about science and scientists.
’21/01 – ’22/01AI & Quantum Tech Officer at the Fabian Society
A member of both the Fabian’s Defence & Technology Committee and the Young Fabians’ Technology, Defence, and Cybersecurity Committee.
’13/07 – ’19/11Public Consultation Panel Member at BASHH
Reviewing and editing UK wide medical guidelines and public information campaigns produced by BASHH as a lay (non-patient, non-staff) member. There was a focus on representational issues; ensuring minority and marginalised groups were accounted for in guidelines.


’18/10 – ’23/06PhD Physics at Imperial College London
Methods for Zeeman-Sisyphus Deceleration of Heavy Polar Molecules’ in the Centre for Cold Matter.
’16/10 – ’17/10MSc Physics at Imperial College London
’13/10 – ’16/07BSc Physics at Imperial College London
’03/09 – ’13/07School at Hymers College

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